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Disability Policy

The College is committed to ensuring that disabled people, including those with learning difficulties, are treated fairly.  All reasonable adjustments to provision will be made to ensure that disabled students and other disabled people are not substantially disadvantaged.

Equal Opportunities

Portsmouth College is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, cultural background, age or disability.  There is an active Equal Opportunities and Diversity Forum which develops and monitors equal opportunity in the College and student participation on this Forum is encouraged.  Harassment forms are available from reception or from your group tutor.  Information about this is available in your tutor room.

Mission Statement

Portsmouth College is a friendly, enterprising and successful College, committed to the academic and personal development of its students.

We will provide you with opportunities to thrive and achieve excellent educational outcomes and the best employment prospects in a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

We work in close cooperation with our educational partners and other relevant community organisations to help you realise your potential.


Portsmouth College sub-contracts out some of its Skills Funding Agency funding allocation to other providers who are able to deliver high quality education, to bring additional expertise and access learner markets which the College cannot.

Our Sub-Contracting (Fees and Charges) Policy will be reviewed by the Corporation annually. To view the latest policy, please click here

To view the Supply Chain Fees and Payments 2016-17, please click here

Financial statements

To view our Audited Financial Statement for 2016/17, please click here

To view our Audited Financial Statement for 2015/16, please click here.

To view our Audited Financial Statement for 2014/15, please click here

gender pay gap report

To view our Gender Pay Gap Report, please click here

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