The 9th edition of the student newspaper ‘With Eyes Wide Open’ is proudly written and produced by Portsmouth College students, including:

Chief Editors – Ellie Holmes and Sophie Lazarov

The newspaper is delighted to welcome our new Chief Editors! Ellie and Sophie represent the third iteration of student leaders within the publication.

Writers – Ruby Jewell, Fergus Sandys–McCormack, Charlie Potter, Dylan Evans, Ellie Holmes and Chelsea Lazarov

Formatting – Woody Egan

Featured Articles:

· The Oversaturation of The Rainbow

· The Colours of Misconception

· Taking The Time to Stop

· A Clockwork Orange

· Breaking Bad: Yellowing the Meth Industry

· Life in the Limelight

· The Misconception of the Colour Green

· Are you Feeling Blue

· Purple Kaleidoscope

Read the 9th Edition HERE

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