Two former Portsmouth College students are toasting nearly five years in business with their fresh new rebrand. Carl Hewitt and Reece Matthews launched their digital marketing company, DigitalDinos, from their bedrooms/college classrooms in 2016 and quickly built up an impressive portfolio of clients across the UK and US. This resulted in the two entrepreneurs renting their current office at the Lakeside Business Park, North Harbour enabling the business to expand. DigitalDinos evolved into Hewitt Matthews on 17th May with a new website and corporate video featuring some of their growing team.Carl and Reece credit Portsmouth College with supporting them on the road to success in the early days. “We’re so grateful for all the help and guidance that we were given. Our journey started at Portsmouth College with the staff motivating us to go for it.”

Reece continues, “We would encourage any students who have a business idea to talk to their lecturers as there are so many organisations out there willing to help young professionals.”

Carl said, “Having the right mentors has been crucial. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t want to do anything else. We get to help and collaborate with so many different organisations through digital marketing. With this rebrand and new lease of life, we can take it to the next level and generate bigger and better results for more clients than ever before.”

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