We are delighted that your son/daughter has chosen to study with us and as a parent, we want to keep you informed with all College has to offer and their journey.

The College continues to go from strength to strength and thanks to the fantastic commitment and creative efforts of teachers and students, together with very supportive parents, we deliver an excellent experience for our learners.

We are very proud of all our students, their positive approach to their studies, the outstanding success they achieve and their immense contribution to the life of the College.

Student Absence & Holiday Request

Student Absence Reporting

If a student is ill and cannot attend, a parent/carer must contact the college before the start of their first lesson on EACH day of absence. You can do this by one of the following methods:

• Phone 023 9234 4377 and select ‘Absence Reporting’. If you are asked to leave a message, please speak clearly and leave student name, date of birth and the reason for absence.
• Email providing the student name, date of birth and reason for absence.

Authorised Absence Requests

To request an authorised absence during term time, please contact the Attendance Officer at

Holidays in Term Time

High levels of attendance are critical for achievement on courses.  Holidays in term time can have a detrimental impact on studies and must be avoided.   Any absence requests for holidays during term time cannot be authorised by the college.

Staff Absences

In the event of staff absence due to illness, every attempt will be made to set appropriate cover work within college.  Where this is not possible, students will be contacted to inform them of the teacher absence and the work that they will be required to complete at home.  This will not impact on the students’ attendance.

The college will put in appropriate cover in instances where staff absence is longer term.

We want all students to be successful on their programmes.  All teachers will record the progress that your son/daughter is making on their courses over the academic year.  We will share this information with you by letter and this will include information on:

  • National Expected Grade – the grade that should be achieved based on average GCSE score
  • Attendance
  • Working at Grade – the current grade being worked at in each subject
  • Attitude Score – on a 1-4 scale, with 1 being the highest
  • Work Completion Score – on a 1-4, scale with 1 being the highest

If you have any concerns with regards to the progress being made by your son/daughter, then please contact the Student Progress Mentor Team

There are two mock exam windows and these are specific to the year of study:

GCSE and Year 2 A Level  
February / March

Year 1 A Level Students  

Consultation Evenings provide an opportunity for you to meet teaching staff and discuss progress being made in each subject as well as strategies that could be adopted to secure target grades.  There are four Consultation Evenings in the academic year.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • November – For all students
  • January – Year 2 Students
  • March – Year 1 Students

Appointments are made via an online booking system that will be communicated via letter.

For College events and full term dates for the academic year, see our College Calendar.

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