Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Level 3

Awarding Body: OCR

Course Description

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) provides students with enhanced study skills desired by universities. As an independent study project, it fits alongside a full time study programme. Students choose their own title and work independently on a subject of their choice.

This is advised for students in their second year of study.

There are no additional entry requirements for this course. Please refer to the basic entry requirements.

You will enjoy the freedom of working in your own way, at your own pace, under the guidance of a supervisor. This style of independent working is widely utilised at university and in the workplace. You will undertake a project of your own choice, either in a subject you are studying, or in an area of personal interest. You will research, reflect on, and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes. This is an opportunity to study in depth any topic which intrigues and engages you.

This is a skills-based individual piece of work. Through the development of your project you will also develop an independent learning approach and skills in decision-making and problem-solving. You will demonstrate creativity and initiative and be inspired by new areas of study. You will acquire skills related to developing, researching and presenting a project and be able to apply appropriate technologies.

An Extended Project Qualification is assessed on the students’ ability to do the following:

  • Manage: Identify and plan the project
  • Use resources: Undertake research and select relevant information
  • Develop and realise: Interpret evidence and write up results
  • Review: Present finding(s)/evaluation to an audience

The Extended Project Qualification combines effectively with all programmes of study, as you will pick the topic. It is an excellent addition to a CV or university application. The E6 programme will help you organise your progression after College, with workshops supporting topics such as interview techniques, creating an online professional image and CV writing, to name a few.

This qualification will help students to develop and demonstrate a range of valuable skills, through the pursuit of their interests and investigating topics in detail. The Extended Project Qualification holds numerous benefits, as it provides you with a wide range of transferable skills, preparation for higher education, and encourages you to demonstrate creativity, initiative, motivation and commitment. It is a valuable addition to any course of study.

Deadlines for the Extended Project Qualification will be given at the start of the course, and the final deadline is around the Easter period. However, you can undertake this project starting at any point in the first term of your second year, as the pace at which you complete the project is up to you.