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COVID-19 Update

GCSE Updates

England’s exam regulator, Ofqual, have released a decision regarding the assessment of GCSE, AS level and A level grades since all exams were cancelled as a result of Covid-19.

Teachers’ predictions for GCSE, AS level and A levels in England will be based on the evidence available to them, such as previous exam results, tests, homework, coursework, mock exams and more. Teachers will be asked to say what they think would have been the grades most likely to have been achieved if the summer exams had taken place on an overall professional judgement.

They will also be asked to put students in order of expected achievement within each predicted grade band. This will be used to moderate the overall share of grades in schools across the country. Information about other qualifications such as vocational courses (BTEC/CTEC) will be available soon.

GCSE Deposits

These will be returned to students under the same conditions as prior to Covid -19. This is likely to be in August and September and will be after results are officially distributed. Almost all students will have this returned. The only circumstance where a deposit would be withheld is if you fail to pass your GCSE and attendance has been lower than the expected 85%. 

Future (Qualification) Courses

Vocational Qualification Courses such as Accountancy, Early Years, Supporting Teaching & Learning and Counselling are continuing through remote methods. If you have been unable to engage with these, please contact your course tutor for guidance.
There are various expectations from the awarding bodies we work with for completion and certification. You will have received an email with information regarding your particular course about any changes to exam dates or course requirements. Queries concerning vocational courses are best directed to your tutor in the first instance. We cannot yet specify when all our Futures Courses will be available but we look forward to being able to offer these courses in the future.

Fun Courses

Fun Courses will resume once appropriate to do so. Please keep monitoring our website for any changes. We look forward to introducing these courses as soon as possible.

ESOL Courses

We are currently still offering remote ESOL courses.

Online Courses

Due to the phenomenal number of applications we have received for our online courses, we are temporarily putting the provision on hold to allow us to process the applications we currently have before starting the next cohort.

We are continuing to work through your returned enrolment forms. This is taking longer than expected due to the tremendous volume of applicants. If you haven’t returned your enrolment form, please do so as you may be at risk of losing your place. Visit Online Courses to read more about these changes.

Our Courses

Access to Higher Education

Our Access to Higher Education course is a qualification which prepares students without traditional qualifications for study at university.

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Our ESOL courses will enable you to develop the skills and confidence required to use English in your studies or future employment.

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Fun Courses

If you are simply looking for something for your personal enjoyment or self development, then why not select one of our fun courses.

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Futures (Qualification) Courses

Our ‘career pathway’ courses which lead to formal qualifications are aimed at people who are looking to return to the workforce, need to brush up their existing skills, or want a change of career.

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Online Courses

Our fantastic new suite of online courses offer independent learners the chance to study remotely in their own time.

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Principal's Welcome

We are delighted that you are considering taking up one of our Adult and Continuing Education courses.

The Adult Education Team have been working hard to expand our community learning offer across the City to continue supporting residents. We’re always looking to increase our work with community, voluntary groups and other partners. We want to reach out to those most in need in the City, providing new opportunities for our residents who haven’t thought about returning to learning before whilst also servicing the business training needs of the City’s employers.

Portsmouth College continues to offer an extensive range of courses and to help you identify the type of learning you wish to access.

I hope you enjoy exploring the courses on offer and find one that inspires you to learn.

Simon Barrable

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