Student Union

Every year, a Student Union is elected by the students to act as a voice of the wider College community.


As a team, they:

  • Play a vital role in representing and communicating the views of students to College management and governors
  • Provide advice and information to students
  • Organise social and fundraising activities
  • Raise awareness of local, regional and national issues

Our primary agenda as a union is to make the College more ‘green’, raise money for local charities here in Portsmouth and make sure every student is heard. We will actively push new ideas forward and work closely with the College’s senior management to enhance student life, not only for the current cohort, but for the future generation of students.” – Hannah Arnott, Student Union President 2019/20

We annually recruit a new Student Union to represent the student body so if you think you could be our next President, Secretary or perhaps a Communications Officer then look out for election time at the start of the academic year.

Student Union For 2020/21

President – Skye Fryer

Vice President – Lily Cownie

Treasurer – Ellie Dunn

Communication Secretary – Lola Rees-Whelan

Social Secretary – Rohan Parkinson

Health & Wellbeing Officer – Josh Jones

Student Experience Officer – Ellainer Risby

Global Student Officer – Ainhoa Sanjurjo Lenti

Education Officer – Emely Luhan

Environment Officer – Jasmine Chapman

Fundraising Officer – Jaz Lyne

Student Engagement Officer – Charlotte Whittle

SEND Officer – Ruby Jewell

Independent Student Governor – Harry Webb

Student Union For 2019/20

President – Hannah Arnott

Vice President/Treasurer – Joshua Setford

Communications Officer – Abang Rasydan

Social Secretary – Shazia Dongola

Education Officer – Chloe Carter

Year 2 Reps – Kamil Kashem & Melanie Brookes

Global Student Rep – Emilie Vatne

Health & Wellbeing Officer – Alex Iosava

Student Engagement Officer – Amy Brazier


NUS Cards

As a student you are automatically a member of the Union and therefore of the National Union of Students (NUS).  You can apply online for the NUS Extra card, which entitles you to discounts at various retail outlets and service suppliers in the UK.  But remember, the NUS Extra card cannot be used as a proof of age card!

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