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The Student Union are responsible for representing students, raising issues affecting students and raising money for the college and charities. It is a project-based team allowing you to choose your own focus and organise various events and socials in-and-out of college.

Students have applied for the roles within the union but it’s down to YOU to choose who you want to represent students for 2019/20. Watch the video to find out more about each candidates vision for the upcoming academic year.

The candidates are as follows:


  • Hannah Arnott


  • Joshua Setford
  • Alekandre Iosava

Communication Secretary

  • Abang Rashif Rasyayadan
  • Joshua Setford

Social Secretary 

  • Abang Rashif Rasyadan
  • Shazia Dongola

Health and Wellbeing Officer

  • Hannah Arnott
  • Shazia Dongola

Education Officer

  • Amy Brazier
  • Chloe Carter (White)
  • Alekandre Iosava

A Level 2nd Year Rep

  • Kamil Kashem
  • Melanie Brookes

Global Student Rep

  • Juliane Emilie Vatne

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Voting closes at 2pm on Friday 25th October. Results will be announced Monday 4th November.

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