iPad Returns

If you have been issued with a College iPad, you need to return it when you leave College so we can reset it and re-issue the device to future students. If you are leaving College and haven’t yet returned your iPad, please do so as soon as possible.

We will shortly begin the process of putting overdue iPads into lost mode; once we do this, you willl lose any data held on the iPad.

How do I return my iPad?

Please visit IT staff in the Study Centre before the end of term between 9.30am and 4pm with your iPad (charged!) They will guide you through the process of disconnecting your Apple account and provide you with a receipt confirming you have handed your iPad back in to us.

If you’re unable to come in at these times, please email itservices@portsmouth-college.ac.uk to arrange a mutually convenient time.

What if I am on the Contribution Scheme?

If you have purchased an iPad via our contribution scheme, you do not need to return it. However, please note if you subscribed to Option 1, any rebate payments from the College will stop. In addition, if you haven’t yet finished paying off the iPad, you need to carry on paying for the duration of your finance agreement.

What happens if I don’t return my iPad?

Once all exams have finished we will begin the process of locking iPads which are overdue for return. You will be unable to release this lock even via a factory reset of the device and data held on the iPad will be lost.

Can I buy my iPad?

If you would like to purchase your iPad, please visit the Room 15 helpdesk to make payment. The cost will depend on the type of device and how long you have held it.

I’m back at College in September; why are you asking me to return my iPad?

Please contact our Student Records team by email (enrolment@portsmouth-college.ac.uk) or telephone (023 9266 7521) so we can check our records. Please note you will need to have a definite offer of a place to return next year.

I have another question – who do I speak to?

Please contact our IT Services team by email (itservices@portsmouth-college.ac.uk) or telephone (023 9234 4404)


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