The Student Newsletter – Second Edition

The second edition of the student newspaper ‘With Eyes Wide Open’.

Published on: December 7, 2020

What started in response to the first Covid 19 Lockdown and a call for community has grown into one of Portsmouth College’s new flagship E6 provisions – the student led publication, With Eyes Wide Open.

It is proudly written and produced by our own Portsmouth College students, who include:

Chief Editors – Chloe White and Tabitha John

Support Editors – Megan Lane, Daniel Stokes and Loui Chen

Graphics Team – Oliver Forgeron and Loui Chen

Writers – Beth Rolfe, Jess Sabushimike, Ruby Jewell, Jamie Ngo, Sheldon Cotton, Faith Ceeley, Tabitha John, Rebecca Myers, Sussana Robertson-Sheath and Ella Bowbrick.

With Eyes Wide Open would like to extend a special thanks to the second edition’s guest writer, and also to Amy Shuker who has provided invaluable support every step of the way.

(Read the second edition)


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