Students Ignite ‘Dance Live!’ Competition

Level 3 Dance students lit up the stage at this year’s Dance Live! competition at Portsmouth Guildhall. 

With support from cross-campus E6 students, the dancers choreographed their first competitive dance routine based on The Hunger Games.

First-year student Lea Dawkins, who hopes to study dance at Chichester University with the aim of working on cruise ships, said:

“I was a bit nervous but also a bit excited. We worked so hard and doing this competition showed us what the second years have been learning and what we’ll be doing next year.

“It’s been really fun because even though we’d been practising all day to then dance in the evening, we built each other’s confidence up. I’ve made new friends and I think our piece was really good.”

Second-year student Sydney Moore, who plans to join a dance team while studying at Bournemouth University, said:

“We produced a lot of the choreography ourselves, which helped with our creative and performative skills. We’ve only done dance shows so far, no competitions, so it’s definitively good to perform live to an audience.”

Dance Live! provides an annual opportunity for students to showcase an amazing range of dance, performance and off-stage technical skills. Embracing an ever-evolving digital world, students from schools and colleges compete against each other with choreographed routines to the backdrop of a giant digital screen. 

Team COPC also welcomed E6 students from other areas of the College, contributing by not only taking part in the dance itself, but also with the technical aspects of the piece. The College has a rich history of participating in dance competitions, and they are a great chance for any student to take part in an exciting enrichment activity alongside their course.

Flo Percival, who is studying A Level Drama and History alongside a Level 3 BTEC in Music Performance, said:

“It was very exciting. The judges’ comments really made a difference. We were caught up in the excitement cheering everyone on, and they cheered us on too. The whole experience got us used to being on stage again.”

Teacher of Dance & Performing Arts Sarah Warke said:

“Competitions like this are vital as the students get to respond to a specific brief and meet certain parameters. Creating a piece and taking it another venue is fantastic for them as performers. It allows them to develop skills in thinking about how they’re going to adapt their spacing, formations and exits & entrances on a different stage.”

“It was also wonderful for the students to be able to perform and showcase their work after such a long time of them not being able experience this kind of opportunity. They have been such a committed team and they performed with real confidence. It’s an experience that stays with them and they remember it way into the future.

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