Portsmouth College Launches Nationwide Search for the Best Edtech Schools

Portsmouth College was selected to help launch Edtech 50 Schools, a UK initiative to find the 50 education institutions that are using education technology to make the biggest difference to students, staff and parents.

Edtech 50 Schools kicks off with a nationwide tour of some of the leading techie education institutions in the UK. Portsmouth College is the first stop on the tour and will be showcasing how their policy of an iPad for every student has improved the quality of lessons and behaviour, and significantly increased the number of students applying to join the college.

Simon Barrable, Principal of Portsmouth College said:

We are delighted to be a launch college to support the Edtech 50 initiative. Edtech has helped us to transform our students’ experience of college life to make it much more enriching and engaging. Results and attendance have improved and there has been a significant growth in young people wanting to come to the college. We’re now starting to work across the city to share our expertise and what we’ve learnt with other schools. My vision is that Portsmouth becomes a digital learning city.”

Ty Goddard, Founder & CEO, Education Foundation said:

At a time when education institutions face many challenges, using educational technology to work smartly can make a difference. With key subjects like English, Maths and Science, education technology can support teachers and help to inspire learners with classroom quizzes which help to personalise learning for pupils, augmented reality and enabling pupils to study and prepare out of hours. It can help teachers to save time in lesson planning, and it can help colleges and schools to operate smoothly, for instance staying in touch with parents and students on snow days.

Portsmouth College is a brilliant example of good edtech use. We want to find other pioneering education institutions that are showing outstanding digital leadership. There is great potential for edtech to help make a difference but it needs to be the right technology, implemented effectively, and with the right support for staff.”

Award-winning edtech expert and ex teacher, Mark Anderson, joins Ty Goddard on the tour. They will take to the road in a camper van to visit Edtech 50 launch schools across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Mark Anderson said:

I work with schools daily to help them get the very best they can from the edtech they have access to. The Edtech 50 Schools tour is about shining a spotlight on the schools in the UK that are doing amazing things every day to support, enhance and transform teaching and learning with technology to help children get the very best out of our education system.”

Josie Hobbs, Level 3 Music Technology and Business Student took part in the Edtech 50 event today, she said:

The use of iPads at Portsmouth College has helped me to enhance my studies.  I’ve never used any technology like this before college and it has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and work in a much more efficient way”

Teacher Chris Wood added:

As a teacher, the iPads have become an invaluable resource for me – we are able to provide a platform for all learners to achieve and succeed.  We have been able to push the iPad project forward year on year through innovation in teaching approaches as well as developing student lead projects to enhance our curriculum as well as students employability.  We truly are at the forefront of a digital revolution in teaching.”

The prestigious final list of the 50 UK schools using edtech in pioneering ways will be announced in the spring term. Successful schools will be featured in the Edtech 50 Schools publication and be invited to a House of Lords reception celebrating edtech in schools.

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