Meat-Free Mondays at Portsmouth College


As part of their ‘Making College Green’ aspirations, one of the Portsmouth College Student Union’s (SU) first steps was to introduce Meat-Free Mondays at Portsmouth College to reduce our carbon footprint. This began as a trial on 17th of May but will be officially launched in September 2021, at the start of the new academic year.
Leaders in this project, Jasmine Chapman (Environment Officer), Skye Fryer (President) and Harry Webb (Independent Governor) have all worked hard together to achieve this huge goal along with the help of Caterlink Chef/ Manager, Johno Long.

What are Meat-Free Mondays?

Launched by Paul, Maru and Stella McCartney in 2009, Meat Free Monday is a non-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of animal agriculture and industrial fishing.

It encourages people to help slow climate change, conserve natural resources and improve health by having at least one plant-based day each week.

Why choose Meat Free Mondays?

  • It’s good for our planet
  • It boosts our health
  • It reduces animal suffering
  • It helps alleviate world hunger
  • It helps protect biodiversity.

Why and how did we go about this?

“As a college student, it is easy for one person to become a vegetarian/ vegan hoping to make a positive impact on our planet, but sometimes it is not enough. As Environment Officer, I saw that we needed to paint a bigger picture and try to at least attempt to make this huge change to our college. Surprisingly, this was such a successful and easy process to achieve! With the contribution of Johno, who as a vegan himself, is super keen to help as much as he can, we have been able since the 17th of May to kick-off our Meat Free Mondays with lots of plant-based alternatives. Beyond my time at Portsmouth College, I hope that my legacy continues and fingers crossed, maybe more days will be plant-based throughout the week. This has been an amazing start and well-received.”

What else has the SU been up to with making our college green?

Additionally, to Meat Free Mondays, we are leading various clean ups of the local area. The SU have set priorities such as; the implementation of more recycling bins, the planting of trees and a revamped, nature friendly, communal garden for all students.

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