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The ‘Big Project is an entirely student-led venture with the brief of converting one of our existing classrooms into a dual-function courtroom and classroom. The students are leading the project from start to finish, planning, organising and fundraising for the transformation.

There are multiple aims of the project:

The project itself – The actual process will develop the employability skills of those involved and provide them with a real-life experience of project management.

The construction of a courtroom on our campus will allow us to transform teaching and learning, developing vocational as well as academic skills and knowledge. Our newly founded Law Society will take the lead on developing enrichment programmes for law students, organising opportunities for mock trials, mooting and school outreach.

We are hoping the construction of the courtroom will help us to continue to grow the Law Department at City of Portsmouth College. We have seen exponential growth in recent years, expanding our programme to include BTEC Applied Law. In tandem with the upcoming potential merger with Highbury College, we will be well-placed in the city to offer a large number of students initial legal education.

We want to do more to prepare students for university and potential legal careers by helping them to develop enhanced employability skills. The courtroom will help us to develop a whole range of skills that will assist students with their future progression.

Please donate if you can to the students’ gofundme page using the QR code or link below.

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