Back to Basics

Students from Health and Social Care once again took part in a fundraiser for ‘The Lifehouse’ charity recently. The students’ aim of the ‘Back to Basics Day’ was to raise money to provide resources for the homeless in the City such as sleeping bags, which are essential for those who live out on the street, especially in the Winter, when the temperatures drop. 

Sleeping bags will only generate warmth for approximately two days in the winter, due to the cold and damp conditions and the lack of facilities to wash them.

The students managed to raise around £700 which will be much appreciated by ‘The Lifehouse’. The charity, that can be found on Albert Road, targets those in immediate need and offers support with issues surrounding homelessness and addiction in the Southsea and Portsmouth area.

Many in our city are facing desperate situations, but whatever the circumstances, ‘The Lifehouse’ aims to show that there is a way out. Their plan is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their situation through the variety of services they offer.

As well as being a resource centre where the homeless can access essentials, ‘The Lifehouse’ also offers mental support and a kitchen providing hot food is a warm place to go at meal times. They will certainly be grateful for the efforts and the money that has been raised and the students should certainly be pleased with their fundraising achievement, which will make a difference to many peoples lives this Winter.

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