All students are cared for to ensure they are kept safe and well whilst in the UK.

Portsmouth College can provide:

A dedicated International Officer
To support all international students for the entire student journey, from application and arrival, through to successful completion of their studies.

Assistance with the United Kingdom Visas & Immigration
Our team can assistant you with the student application process to study here in the UK.

Airport pick up service
After a long flight, we have arrangements in place to collect international students at the airport when arriving at a London or Southampton airport.

Student support
Our staff can support students when opening bank accounts, obtaining mobile phones and bus passes quickly following their arrival.

Weekend activities
Various weekend activities and trips are scheduled to encourage international students to make friends, learn about British culture and history through visits to historic cities.

Access to wider college opportunities and services
As a Portsmouth College student you benefit from access to the E6 Personal Development Programme, Enterprise Academy, Student Union, Sports Academy, University and Careers Guidance, as well as Personal Support.



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