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As the world economy continues to evolve Portsmouth College has placed Global Citizenship at the heart of our curriculum and culture. We welcome people from across the world through our Global Engagement programmes: Educational Visits, Study Programmes and Train the Trainer courses.



Portsmouth is a fantastic city with a rich heritage and strong infrastructure. Our educational visits service offers pupils, students, teachers and leaders from across the globe the chance to participate in bespoke educational experiences and cultural visits. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with international institutions and organisations in order to share our passion for education and enrich the curriculums of our home students.

We are able to offer a range of educational visits, including:

Eduvate ‘Insight’ Days:
provide a chance to visit the College and find out more about our unique timetable, curious and creative Apple project and E6 life curriculum. After being presented with the information you’ll be able to see everything in action as we take you on a learning walk around the College.

Bespoke Educational Tours:
Portsmouth College is renowned for our innovative approach to education. Our curriculums have been designed to inspire and we want to share them with the world. The ‘educational tours’ provide our partners with the opportunity to select curriculum areas and cultural visits they would like to study and see and we put together the programme. From studying ‘A mid-summer night’s dream’ and visiting Harry Potter World or receiving elite football coaching then walking around the Mary Rose, we’ll make sure that the programme is exciting, fit for purpose and fun.

Portsmouth Educational Pathways Tours:
These tours have been designed to provide teachers and educational leaders with an insight into the structure of the British education system. Delegates will be given exclusive access to primary and secondary schools as well as further and higher education institutions. This includes class observations, meetings with senior leaders and curriculum focus groups. As with the bespoke tours a comprehensive cultural visits itinerary will be dovetailed into the programme.

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We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of study programmes to international students, ranging from immersive one term placements through to full-time study programmes. We believe that our global engagement programmes truly enrich our academic provision and college life in general. Not only do they provide international students with the chance to access our unique offer but it also helps our home students to think on a global scale.

To find out more about our international study programmes at Portsmouth College please click here.


If you are keen to learn more about our academic programmes or innovation projects but are not able to come to us then we’ll come to you. Our teachers and leadership team are always keen to share their knowledge, experience and curriculums and that’s why we have created our ‘Train the Trainer’ provision.

If you have a curriculum area or group of teachers you want to develop and it’s one of our specialisms then we’d be happy to send a trainer to your setting. All of our train the trainer programmes are bespoke and are designed to meet the identified need. Resources and mentoring support are also provided.

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