Entry Level 2

Awarding Body: Open Awards

Course Description

The Voyage course is designed to focus on learning life skills, alongside accessing our local community, becoming more independent and learning how to live in the world around us.

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Lessons will be focused on learning life skills that can be used in a range of situations in and outside of the home. In addition to this, lessons will include activities that will allow you to apply your developed skills and confidence to help access facilities within the local community. This is vital to creating experiences which benefit you as you progress at college. This exciting programme is completed by carrying out both coursework and practical activities.

This course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to build your skills and knowledge in various areas such as independent living, accessing the community, managing money and using public transport with confidence. Students will work on a number of units specific to the elements previous mentioned and the skills and knowledge obtained will be reinforced where  they are able to be.

Students will be assessed all throughout the year in a number of ways, that suit their needs as well as the needs of the criteria set by the examining body. Student will be assessed via their written work, observations, practical and oral assessments.

We offer work experience, supported internships and are developing increased opportunities for community involvement for all of our students.

Students are able to progress up through the department, providing they are showing academic progression with their work.

Moderation of students’ work is set to take place from April 2022.