Public Services
BTEC Level 2

Awarding Body: EdExcel

Qualification Level(s)

Available as:

  • Extended Certificate (Equivalent to three GCSE’s)

Course Description

Also called ‘Teamwork & Personal Development in the Community’, this course you will explore the skills required to be a member of the public services. You will be exposed to different organisations and experience briefs from a range of public service representatives. These skills cross over with the activities conducted by the Portsmouth College Combined Cadet Force.

To join this course you must have 5 GCSE’s at grade 3.

The course is designed to give the student direction and guidance to make an informed decision on the career they would like to pursue. The units covered are Teamwork and Communication; Employment in the Uniformed Public Services; Career Planning; and Volunteering. Throughout the course, you will participate in activities with the Combined Cadet Force and get the opportunity to complete the National Citizen Service (NCS) course.

You will be expected to have a basic knowledge of teamwork and leadership which will be developed throughout the course. You will further enhance your skills in organising activities and evaluating your performance each term.

There is ongoing coursework and practical elements, including mandatory volunteering, as part of the assessment.

This course includes the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) as part of our College contingent. Activities will include visiting military establishments in the area and gaining a wider experience of knowledge and career options in the Armed Forces.

Throughout this course students will gain confidence and leadership skills, which will lead to opportunities within the Uniformed Public Services. These skills are desired by employers and useful for careers revolving around team-driven environments.

CCF Summer Camp – a 6 day residential trip – will take place in July. Also, a National Citizen Service programme (NCS) lasting three weeks will take place during your studies; the dates are yet to be confirmed.