Humanities and Sociology
Level 2

Awarding Body: Eduqas, AQA, Ascentis

Qualification Level(s)

  • GCSE AQA Citizenship Studies
  • GCSE Eduqas Sociology
  • Level 2 Ascentis Certificate in Skills for Further Study in Social Sciences and Humanities

There are no additional entry requirements for this course. Please refer to the basic entry requirements here

As an international student you must:

Demonstrate a suitable level of academic English, normally at CEFR level B1. For Student Visa applications Portsmouth College recommends a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall (with no component lower than 5) to best succeed in your studies.
Demonstrate that you are competent to study at Level 3 in your chosen subjects during your application, including certificates of your qualifications and subject specific requirements such as evidence of an art portfolio for entry on to one of our Art courses.
Successfully complete a Skype interview with the College to discuss and assess your subject choices.


GCSE AQA Citizenship Studies
Citizenship Studies allows you to gain a deeper knowledge of democracy, government and the law. We study four main areas:

  • Life in Modern Britain
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Politics and Participation
  • Taking Citizenship Action.

Students are examined on their ability to recognise bias, critically evaluate arguments, weigh up evidence and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence. Students will have the opportunity to complete a practical part of the course, undertaking some citizenship action within the local Portsmouth area.

GCSE Eduqas Sociology
Sociology offers a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the society we live in. We will look at how we develop ideas about our culture: how we are socialised into our current norms and values, gender roles and our general ‘way of life’. We will look at the role of the contemporary family, and current trends in the type of families we live within. In the Education unit we will explore issues of class, gender and ethnicity as well as thinking about the ‘hidden curriculum’. The Crime and Inequality units allow us the opportunities to think about why people commit crime, and whether everyone is treated equally within the Criminal Justice System, or in society in general. We also look at how sociologists find out about society and the research methods they use. GCSE Sociology is assessed in two exams; we have no coursework.

Level 2 Ascentis Certificate in Skills for Further Study in Social Sciences and Humanities
This Social Sciences and Humanities Level 2 certificate will introduce you to the basic concepts and theories of subjects such as History, Law, Sociology and Psychology. You will have the opportunity to develop your study skills which will support you with progression on to Level 3 courses. You will cover topics such as development and ethical issues in social policy, aspects of crime, the criminal justice system and social psychology. The course is assessed by a portfolio of work and written assessments.