A Level

Awarding Body: OCR

Course Description

A highly-regarded academic A Level. If you like arguing your case then this is the course for you. You will develop the skill to communicate effectively and, therefore, to present your arguments in a logical and sustained manner. A Level Law combines well with virtually any other A Level subject. You do not have to be considering a career in Law to take this subject.

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language required.

As an international student you must:

  • Demonstrate a suitable level of academic English, normally at CEFR level B1. For Subject Visa applications Portsmouth College recommends a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall (with no component lower than 5) to best succeed in your studies.
  • Demonstrate that you are competent to study at Level 3 in your chosen subjects during your application, including certificates of your qualifications and subject specific requirements such as evidence of an art portfolio for entry on to one of our Art courses.
  • Successfully complete a Skype interview with the College to discuss and assess your subject choices.

You will explore in detail the English legal system, sources of law and the nature of law. This will include exploring sentencing, the roles of solicitors, barristers and judges and the origins of English law. You will learn about a range of interesting cases that have been used to develop the law and modern developments that have an impact on you today. You will also study three key areas of law: Criminal Law, Contract Law, and Tort Law. Topics within Criminal Law include: murder, manslaughter, GBH, ABH and defences such as self-defence and insanity.

You will develop your ability to analyse and evaluate information. You will also learn how to apply knowledge to different legal scenarios and reach reasoned conclusions. Your skills of research, synthesis and presentation will be developed and you will have opportunities to develop skills relating to advocacy and negotiation.

100% final exam

There are three examinations, covering:

  • English Legal System & Criminal Law
  • Sources of Law & Tort Law
  • Further Law & Contract Law

Each examination is worth 33.3% of your overall grade.

There are visits to the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court, alongside visits to London, Parliament, the Supreme Court and Royal Courts of Justice. There is also a Humanities department residential trip – previous destinations have included Iceland, Rome & Venice, Berlin, Munich, New York and Washington. Presentations will be delivered from Magistrates the the Police, and you will take part in mock trials and mooting. Opportunities for work experience will be available. The E6 Programme will support your next steps after College, whether these take you into employment or higher education.

There are many pathways that work effectively with this course, including the following:

  • Legal Pathway – solicitor, barrister, legal executive, paralegal, court official
  • Business Pathway – CEO (chief executive officer), trading standards, accountancy, conveyancing, stockbroker, investments, banking, insurance,
  • Police Pathway – probation, police officer, forensics, PCSO (police community support officer), immigration
  • Government Pathway – ministry work, local government, politics
  • Charity Pathway – charity officer e.g. Amnesty International, international aid/development worker

Mock exams in January.