ICT & Creative Media
CTEC Level 2

Awarding Body: OCR

Qualification Level(s)

Available as:

  • Certificate (1 year – equivalent to one GCSE)
  • Diploma (1 year – equivalent to three GCSE’s)

Course Description

This course will provide you with an introduction into ICT with a link to both IT and games production. This course will offer you an opportunity to explore and develop both practical, creative and theoretical skills in the key areas of IT applied throughout the industry today. You will also have the opportunity to explore a range of fields across the design and production of gaming products and you will develop skills and knowledge in the field of digital games production.

There are no additional entry requirements for this course. Please refer to the basic entry requirements.

This is a practical course which has supporting written assignments, presentations and producing videos and games development. The course will provide you with an opportunity to develop skills in the Creative Media Industry, with a specific focus on games production, design work, games construction and games testing. Within your course you will be able to follow a pathway of IT or games development. There are two mandatory units:

  • Communicating in the IT and gaming Industry
  • Working in the IT and gaming Industry

In addition, you will cover a number of specialist/optional units such as:

  • Interactive media production
  • Installing Computer Software
  • Customising Software
  • Animation Techniques
  • Computer Graphics

This course has been designed to build your skills and knowledge of IT and the IT sector. You will use of a range of IT software, including; Adobe Photoshop, website and app development software and Microsoft applications. Whilst on the course you will develop skills in research, design and portfolio building, to provide you with the broadest experience of ICT and what it has to offer.

This course is 100% coursework-based and will be assessed through a range of methods, including; practical-based activities, reports, presentations and video-based evidence.

It is vital to be prepared for the world of work within this competitive industry and the College’s E6 Programme will provide you with a range of opportunities to complement your academic studies. You will be able to choose from a wide range of E6 options, including IT-related work experience which focuses on hardware, software and design elements. There is an extensive range of specific course opportunities, including a trip to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour, to explore how ICT was used to create the film and the supporting marketing material.

The IT industry has a broad range of job opportunities and the ICT course at level 3 has been designed to support learners whose future aims are to work in the field of IT, whether this is within a business, technical or more creative capacity. This ICT course can be used as a platform for those who wish to progress onto level 3 ICT, other level 3 courses or IT-related apprenticeships.

During the course there will be two moderation visits where students’ work will be submitted for external moderation. The times of each moderation may vary, although visits will take place during February and July.