English for Speakers of Other Languages
Mixed Levels

Awarding Body: EdExcel, Pearson

Course Description

English for Speakers of Other Languages qualifications, also known as ESOL, will enable you to develop the skills and confidence required to use English in your studies or future employment.

Please contact the Adult Education Team to arrange an interview and assessment.

Email: adultlearning@tpc.ac.uk

There are no specific entry requirements for ESOL courses.

In Reading, students will be expected to access a variety of texts and use text analysis to evaluate these. Writing skills covered will be from simple compositions of 50 words or less, up to more complex compositions of 240-260 words. You will be writing in different forms such as letters, articles and reports in both formal and informal styles. The Speaking and Listening award will be offered from September 2020.

Learning English as a second language will involve developing core skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition to these key skills, it will be important to develop grammatical accuracy, spelling proficiency and functional language skills.

Initial diagnostic and formative assessments will be used throughout the course, leading to an externally set, internationally recognised exam.

Learning English as a second language and developing proficient acquisition will put you in an excellent position to progress onto Level 2 and Level 3 courses, which will in turn provide pathways to reach professional ambitions or further education to pursue a variety of careers. In addition to ESOL courses, Level 1 Functional Skills and City & Guilds classes support our numeracy and literacy aims. There are possibilities for some ESOL students to enrol on another GCSE course through the Adult Education programme.

After initial assessments and class placement you will start to develop your language skills and prepare for summative exams during the summer term. There will be opportunities to take mock ESOL exams to prepare you for the exams.