Creative Media (Games Development)
CTEC Level 2

Awarding Body: OCR

Qualification Level(s)

Available as:

  • Diploma (Equivalent of three GCSE’s)

Course Description

This course will provide you with an introduction into the world of games production. The course will explore a range of fields across the design and production of gaming products and you will develop skills and knowledge in the field of digital games production.

There are no additional entry requirements for this course. Please refer to the basic entry requirements for this course/level.

This is a practical course which has supporting written assignments. The course will provide you with an opportunity to develop skills in the Creative Media Industry, with a specific focus on games production, design work, games construction and games testing. The Diploma covers two mandatory units: Communicating in the IT Industry & Working in the IT Industry. Some of the specialist/optional units delivered may include: Digital Games Production, Game Design & Development, Graphic Design for a Game Product and Digital Games Testing.

This course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to build your skills and knowledge of games production software, which may include the use of Unreal Games Engine and design software such as Adobe Photoshop. Whilst on this course, you will develop skills in research and report writing as well as the ability to build and maintain a digital portfolio. This course will provide you with the foundation knowledge and skills of games production, which will be valuable preparation for progression onto the CTEC Level 3 course in Media Production or ICT.

This course is 100% coursework-based and will be assessed through a range of methods, including practical-based activities, reports, presentations and video-based assessments.

Get ready for the world of work and take part in the College’s E6 Programme, which integrates opportunity into academic study. Enhance your skills and take a range of E6 opportunities to broaden your abilities. You will have the chance to choose between a wide range of options including relevant work experience, such as working in the Game Over Cafe where you will work with an extensive range of retro and present-day gaming platforms. There are a range of specific course opportunities which will include trips to major gaming industry events with a chance to test some newly-released games.

The gaming industry has a vast array of job opportunities, and the Creative Media (Games Development) course has been designed to support those whose future aim is to work within the field of interactive media entertainment (computer games). The Level 2 Creative Media course can be used as a platform for students who wish to progress to Level 3 Games Design and Development or other level 3 courses in related subject fields.

During the course, there will be two moderation visits in which students’ work will be submitted for external moderation. Times vary, although these visits will take place from February to the beginning of July.