Entry Level 3 and above

Awarding Body: EdExcel, Gateway

Course Description

The Aspire course is aimed at students who would expect to progress to level 1 or 2 programmes or into employment in the near future. This course is a step further towards social independence and progression on to other college courses.

There are no entry requirements for this course.

The Edexcel English and Maths courses can be taken over one or two years and have three subject areas for each: Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening; Number, Measure, Shape & Space; and Handling Data. These subjects are completed with an end of year exam/portfolio.

The Level 1 Gateway Award and the Certificate in Employment Skills are designed to enhance the students employability knowledge in the creative workplace. The Gateway Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Skills for Further Learning and Employment enables the student to gain knowledge of their work-related skills and employment options.

The Aspire course enables students to achieve skills and knowledge within both Maths, English and Employability. The underpinning areas of knowledge will range from Number, Measure, Shape and Space & Handling Data, to Reading, Writing & Speaking and Listening. With the knowledge and skill set gained from these subjects, and the employability experience achieved through work placements, Aspire students have the option to increase their skills and understanding to move onto a main stream course.

Assessment in Aspire will range from written, verbal and demonstrative work, through to coursework and, in some instances, an exam. Moderation of all work begins in April 2022.

All Aspire students will have the opportunity to complete a work placement, depending on experience and qualifications during the academic year.

Aspire students can progress up to a Level 2 Functional Skills Certificate. Students can then apply to progress onto a mainstream course if they wish. Additional support and possible placements are offered to those seeking another course or career if they have achieved a Level 1 Functional Skills qualifications and wish to move on.

Moderation of all students’ academic work begins from April through to July.