Armed Forces Pathway
BTEC Level 3

Qualification Level(s)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pathway that runs alongside BTEC Level 3 Uniformed Protective Services and can also be combined with Level 3 Sport courses.

Course Description

This pathway is designed to expand your experience of the Armed Forces and introduce you to military skills through participation in the College Combined Cadet Force.

The course content includes numerous visits to Armed Forces establishments with access to careers advice and guidance. There is an opportunity to practise and undertake the Royal Navy Recruitment Test and weekly fitness training at HMS Temeraire. This will include sport, rock climbing and specific service fitness and swimming tests. In addition, you will complete the Cadet Fitness Instructor Course, which will enhance your leadership and communication skills.

An interest in the Armed Forces (Army/Navy/Royal Air Force/Royal Marines) is essential and knowledge of potential career pathways is desirable. Tasks issued on this course will include leading various activities to the class.

There is a practical assessment for this course which will be observed by your teachers. This qualification will be the CFIT (Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques). Many skills are developed through this qualification, including teamwork, leadership and communication skills; all of which will prepare students for life in the Armed Forces.

Learners on this course will predominantly access the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) strand of the E6 Programme. Learners will also have access to trips specific to this course. The E6 Programme can also help prepare you for life after college, such as by helping you improve your CV writing and interview skills – both of which will be valuable in the process for joining the Armed Forces. Also, the E6 Programme will provide excellent items to put on future job applications – for example through opportunities for volunteering and improvement of other interpersonal skills.

By the end of this course, you will be able to apply to an Armed Force of your choice, having experienced many trips and visits to dictate your chosen pathway. Students will have been guided to achieve their end goal of joining the forces, having gained many interpersonal skills, as well as advancing to the fitness levels required for the forces.

Throughout this course you will be assessed practically via peer-to-peer led sessions, in which you will receive constructive feedback. A decision on a pass or fail for each student will be determined at the end of the year.