BTEC Level 3

Awarding Body: Pearson

Qualification Level(s)

  • National Certificate in Sport
  • National Extended Certificate in Sport

Course Description

This course combines an interest in sport with looking in more detail at the scientific elements behind performance. There are many opportunities to use your experiences to use your experiences as sports performer to apply to your coursework, as well as understanding why your brain and body reacts in specific situations when competing.

The Certificate is made up of two units, both mandatory, of which one is external (mandatory content is 100%, external assessment is 66% of the course)
The Extended Certificate contains four units of which three are mandatory and two are external (mandatory content is 83% of the course, external assessment is 67% of the course)

These courses will develop existing knowledge of the human anatomy and experience of concepts such as leadership and coaching while introducing new topics such as nutrition and event management.

A mixture of internally and externally set assignments that will be assessed in a range of formats from written reports to practical demonstrations of skills and understanding.

The E6 Programme will support your learning and widen your experience for future employment and progression opportunities. Learners on this course will be predominantly accessing the Exercise strand of the E6 programme. Learners will also have access to course trips and trips related to other areas of the course. In any case, you’ll no doubt want to be part of the Stay Fit and Healthy opportunities by joining in rugby, basketball, netball, football and other sports, and work on your fitness. You can also learn about setting up your own business through the Unloc organisation and get valuable support in CV writing, interview skills and the tools needed for life after college.

These qualifications will enable you to apply to a Degree or Foundation Degree in Sport (when combined with other qualifications). The course is diverse enough to develop you towards careers in coaching, teaching, sports psychology, sports therapy, sports science, etc.

Assessment is carried out via unit specific coursework that will be assessed throughout the academic year. Exams will occur in either the January or the June examinations windows.

This qualification is designed to support progression to higher education when taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A Levels. There will be space for two A-levels to be studied alongside this course and on its own it is the equivalent of studying one A-level over two years.