Access to Higher Education
Level 3

Awarding Body: Laser Learning Awards

Course Description

Access to Higher Education courses are designed for students who wish to study for a degree or diploma but who do not have the required qualifications.  The aim is to provide students (normally 19+) with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for success at university.

For any one of the Access pathways you must already have achieved Grade C / Grade 4 or above in GCSE Mathematics and English Language (Functional Skills qualifications are not considered to be equivalent).
Grade C / Grade 4 in an appropriate GCSE Science subject will often also be required depending on chosen combination of course units and your degree course ambitions.

Our Access courses focus on areas of social science, social work and health care, with students going on to study for degrees in subjects such as: Nursing, Midwifery, Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Social Work, Sports Science and various health care specialisms.

Access students come from a broad age range and varied backgrounds, and are typically dedicated and hard-working, having made a conscious decision to return to education.  They have the advantage of life experience and sometimes employment to draw upon, and are generally very well received by Higher Education institutions.

Hours of study
We try as far as possible to timetable Access classes to suit students who might have childcare responsibilities and/or work.  Classes will take place on a Monday and Wednesday evening, beginning at 5pm, with the first hour being tutor and study skills. Subject teaching then begins at 6pm – 9pm.

Access courses are designed to be part-time and to last for one academic year (September to late June).

The fees and payment options will be discussed with you at your interview. The full course fee is £3000 (correct for the academic year 2019/20). However, this can be taken out as a loan in a system similar to the one operated for university students. If you go on to successfully complete a degree in the future, your Access course loan is written off, therefore essentially free to study if you plan to study a degree after.

The interview process will commence in May 2020 and run to September 2020.

Course Validation
The awarding body for our Access courses is Laser Learning Awards, which is licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to validate Access to HE Diploma programmes.