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What Our Partners Say

Portsmouth College is a Learning Community - we learn from all sectors of education, students, parents and employers, as well as our local, national and international environments.

We have become excellent innovators and have successfully implemented a 'student centred' timetable based on international research. Our uniquely structured timetable has given us a 'step change' and the opportunity to be creative practitioners, to narrow the gap and develop digital literacy skills through our iPad venture.

Our engagement with partners has ensured our sustained and successful journey. We can only be outstanding in the services we provide if we work closely with and respond to the needs of our stakeholders. It gives us delight abd enjoyment to do so and we are focusing on growing stronger with their continued support.

Felicity Drummond, mp for portsmouth south

Portsmouth College has become a beacon of excellence in the city and is full of innovative ideas to motivate young people into education. In a city where aspirations are low, Portsmouth College is helping many children to move out of deprivation and into a productive working life."

 Hayden Taylor, Director of unloc uk

The College is exceptional in its partnership work with local business organisations to provide students with real opportunities to excel, both in and out of the classroom."

Nikita Udalov, former student and student union president

Portsmouth College is outstanding because almost all students achieve their target preferred grades, and we have the friendliest and best teachers in the world!"

Professor paul hayes, Pro vice-chancellor of education and student experience at the university of portsmouth

One of the tremendous strengths of the College is its commitment to working in partnership with the University and other institutions across Portsmouth and beyond, to raise expectations and help ensure that the benefits and excitement of higher education are appreciated, and that students are able to make informed choices about options for progression. A great example of this is the College's leadership of a new initiative to improve primary science."

Bruce Suraci, Sports academy coach at bournemouth afc

Portsmouth College Football Academy is the sole organisation outside of professional football to be utitlising the 'genetics behind sports performance' programme to assist with its selection of training methods for player development. With early studies demonstrating huge scientifically-based improvements in performance, PCFA has shown that it is at the forefront of modern youth player development at the post-16 sub-elite category. Together with the high-quality opportunities it is providing in terms of facilities, expert coaching and links with professional clubs in the UK and the USA, the Football Academy is continuing to place itself at the forefront of educational football organisations."





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