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CEO and author, Chris Lewis, recently launched his newest novel ‘Too Fast To Think’ at an exclusive event in Parliament’s Square Supreme Court, London, where special guests were invited to join the celebration - including Portsmouth College's Principal, Steve Frampton, and MP for Portsmouth North, Penny Mordaunt.

Chris had previously visited Portsmouth College to see how the team there were preparing students for their next stage in life. Examples of their unique ideas and innovations have now made it into the book, as examples of staying creative despite the modern day pressures on the education sector. He met the Principal, Steve Frampton, to see how he had taken a different approach to learning, using the experience and skills he had learned in business.

The author introduced the College as having a ‘very progressive, dynamic and flexible culture’ and began his piece on Steve with: “Led by a Big Friendly Giant with a brilliant team of likeminded people – all with a deep level of trust.” Chris continued describing the College, explaining how the principal and his team had introduced significant new innovations including a radical, 2 lessons a day timetable and the ‘Curious and Creative Learning’ project which sees every student receive an iPad mini for use in class and at home.

Chris introduced the College at the event as ‘the UK college where education can be different, the college with a very progressive, dynamic and flexible culture – noticeable for its warmth, spontaneity and democracy’. 

With a strong sense of pride, Steve was graced with the privilege of hearing exceptional comments about the College team, as well as getting to celebrate a novel that explores ways to maintain a creative mind in the busy world of today. He said:

“I was thrilled to be invited and privileged to attend such an exclusive event. The novel and launch was great publicity for the College, but also for Portsmouth itself. Chris and the guests were the highest profile people we have mixed with, and I want to thank Penny for the continuous support she gives to the College and its students, and Chris for coming to visit me and the team in the Spring. The College and I are proud to have the hard work recognised at such a high level. It was fantastic to see so many people interested in our college and I was shocked to be one of the only three people Chris mentioned at the event.”

Penny said: “I’m very proud of Portsmouth College. It’s rapidly growing, innovative and meets everything our city and students need.”

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