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iPadsOur Curious & Creative Learning Strategy

Our Curious & Creative Learning strategy using ipad technology is proving hugely successful and continues to evolve. 

First introduced in 2014/15, this initiative is proving highly valuable and is transforming the way students learn at the College. Based exclusively on Apple iPad technology, the project has enchanced students' experience and interaction in the classroom. Staff have received extensive training in the use of this powerful technology and have developed imaginative delivery techniques to engage students in a variety of ways. 

iPads are extensively used by staff and students at Portsmouth College and add many benefits to every day learning:

  • Transforming the way students learn
  • Independant research made easy
  • Completion and submission of work is quicker and easier
  • Sharing ideas and collaborating in lessons is simple
  • Keeping organised has never been more straightforward
  • Creativity and innovation using multiple apps is an ideal way to enhance your digital skills


Students have access to:

  • Thousands of educational apps, combining text, video and audio in every subject and covering every teaching and learning style       
  • Downloadable iBooks, many of them free – an entire library at your fingertips
  • Google classroom for accessing class work and resources online
  • Integrated and interactive systems in every classroom
  • One-to-one teacher-student communication, assessment and feedback
  • iPad screen 'mirroring' to the whiteboard
  • Reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous Wi-Fi connections in all areas of the campus

Your iPad can be a science lab, a research station, a history archive, a music studio, a video editing suite, an art canvas, a language lab, an interactive maths workshop and more…

New investments in various College systems now allows for reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous Wi-Fi connections in all areas of the campus.

For the year ahead, developments of our creative learning programme in daily College life continue to go from strength to strength in a future where digital literacy is vital. The scheme will now offer some additional flexibility, allowing students to bring their own iPad if they wish. 


iPad options

There will be two iPad options for students joining College in September 2018. 

OPTION 1: Subsidised monthly payments to help you buy your own iPad
The College will heavily subsidise the purchase of your own new iPad via a monthly payment scheme. See note 1. You would need to pay a deposit of around £40, followed by 24 payments of around £10. See note 2. 

If you are eligible for a College bursary (household income of less than £25,000 or in receipt of certain benefits), the College will provide an iPad for you to use at no cost. See note 3. You will be able to take the iPad home and use it outside of College, but you must return the iPad when you leave College after your 2 years with us. The iPad remains College property for the duration of the loan. 

OPTION 2: Bring your own iPad
Students can bring their own Apple iPad device for use in lessons. Personal iPads will link fully to the College Wi-Fi and systems. 

We ask for iPad devices and not alternative tablets for three reasons; 1) The project is built around the apps available from the Apple Store, the premier source of education apps; 2) Our staff training programme has been designed and delivered to support the iPad platform; 3) iPads are exceptionally reliable. 

Note 1 - Exact specification will depend on the iPad range in September 2018. In 2017, the device we offered subsidy on was the iPad Wi-Fi 32GB, provided with a case and 2 year insurance plan covering accidental damage and theft. Higher specification devices will also be available via the monthly payment scheme, including iPad Pro. The College will not provide any subsidy on higher specification options. 

Note 2 - By subscribing to the monthly payment scheme, you will be entering into a credit agreement directly with our supplier. Portsmouth College is not authorised to provide independent financial advice and will not be involved in the collection of your payments. 

Note 3 - iPads provided at no cost via the bursary scheme may be an iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 or full size iPad (subject to availability), and may have been previously used. 

We strongly advise that all students have access to an Apple iPad device. 


We provided students with full information on the iPad scheme for September 2018 when they attended one of our Introduction Days in the summer. You can download copies of the relevant paperwork below:

Please note the deadline of 19th August was to ensure that all iPads ordered by this date would be delivered in time for Freshers' Day on Thursday 6th September. 

It is not too late to place your order - wherever possible we will still issue iPads at Freshers' Day, but if this is not possible we will contact your son/daughter as soon as their device arrives in College.

To place your order, please visit our suppliers ordering portal.

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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