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iPadsOur Exciting Personalised IT & Learning Strategy

Our personalised learning strategy using ipad technology is proving hugely successful and continues to evolve. 

First introduced in 2014/15, this initiative is proving highly valuable and is transforming the way students learn at the College. Based exclusively on Apple iPad technology, the project has enchanced students' experience and interaction in the classroom. Staff have received extensive training in the use of this powerful technology and have developed imaginative delivery techniques to engage students in a variety of ways. 

We are thrilled to announce that this provision will continue to be free of charge (except insurance costs) to all new students beginning courses in September 2016 and 2017. Please see the bottom of this page for details regarding our iPad options.

The standout features of this exciting approach to learning are:

1. All 16-18 students to be provided with an Apple iPad mini device for the whole of their period of study.
It is essential that students have access to an iPad as they are now an important resource of our learning and teaching at the College. Students are currently using the iPads for everyday learning such as independent research, completion and submission of work, sharing ideas and collaborating in lessons, keeping organised and working on creative learning strategies using multiple apps.  

 2. Students will have access to:

  • Thousands of educational apps, combining text, video and audio in every subject and covering every teaching and learning style.        
  • Downloadable iBooks, many of them free – an entire library at your fingertips.
  • iTunesU – a specialist education section of iTunes: lectures, videos, books and more - and again, many of them free.

Your iPad can be a science lab, a research station, a history archive, a music studio, a video editing suite, an art canvas, a language lab, an interactive maths workshop and more…

3. Integrated and interactive systems in every classroom (using Apple TV).
Allowing for significant enhancement of one-to-one teacher-student communication, assessment and feedback. Work can be marked online and returned fast.

New investments in various College systems now allows for reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous Wi-Fi connections in all areas of the campus.

For the year ahead, developments of our e-learning programme in daily College life continue to go from strength to strength in a future where digital literacy is vital. The scheme will now offer some additional flexibility, allowing students to bring their own iPad or to upgrade to a high specification device. 


iPad options

There will be three iPad options for students joining College in September 2016. 

OPTION 1: College issued iPad (insurance cost only)
Students receive an iPad Mini 2 and protective case free of charge. A non-refundable charge of £40 per year is made to cover the cost of insurance (payable on starting college). 
The iPad Mini 2 is fully capable of servicing all of the activities and functions required by the College's project. 
The iPad remains College property and would have to be returned at the end of the study. However, we do offer a generous 'end of course purchase' option (single payment of at most, £120 required). 

OPTION 2: Upgrade to a higher specification device
We are aware that students and parents might be looking to make an extensive out-of-college use of the device, and perhaps also planning for its longer term usage, at university or work for example. We are therefore offering the option to purchase a higher specification iPad through a lease-purchase scheme, which students will need to sign up to online by July 31st (details to be given on Introduction Day). 
The scheme will require monthly payments over two years to cover the cost of the device and insurance (amounts due monthly depend on the specification of device chosen). On completion of all payments the iPad will of course be yours. 

OPTION 3: Bring your own device
We will be delighted if students want to bring their own Apple iPad device* for use lessons. Students would need to have their iPad with them for all taught sessions. Personal iPads will link fully to the College WiFi and systems. It will be necessary to download various Apps individually (we upload centrally to College iPads) most of which are free but one or two might require a small payment. Insurance arrangements would be the sole responsibility of students/parents. 

*We ask for iPad devices and not alternative tablets for three reasons; 1) The project is built around the apps available from the Apple Store, the premier source of education apps; 2) Our staff training programme has been designed and delivered to support the iPad platform; 3) iPads are exceptionally reliable. 

We will ask all students to sign up for one of the options above when they attend one of our Introduction Days in the summer (1st July & 4th July). We will provide all the relevant paperwork and payment information (if applicable) to parents well in advance of these dates. 

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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