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Portsmouth College is located in a diverse community and is wholly committed to reflect that within its own College community. In striving to maintain its egalitarian status, the College will ensure equality of opportunity for all. The College community celebrates its diversity and will never tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or victiminsation. As part of our mission we are inclusive and will enable all members of our community to thrive and achieve excellent education outcomes and to realise their very best future prospects.

Our Core Values

The College values equality, diversity and most of all is committed to mutual respect throught the College community.

Our core values are to:

  • Raise expectations, aspirations and promote ambition and a love of learning
  • Sustain high levels of achievement, ensuring all students do achieve their potential and progress with confidence
  • Promote responsible behaviour and a friendly approach in everything we do
  • Ensure equality of access to all opportunities and services for all members of the College community
  • Maintain fair and non-discriminatory treatment for everyone
  • Promote and celebrate positive attitudes towards diversity
  • Encourage initiative, professional attitudes and a high level of commitment to learning
  • Promote creativity, innovative and entrepreneurial skills and attributes
  • Develop high levels of self esteem, self belief and aspiration for all
  • Sustain high levels of progression into Higher Education and appropriate employment opportunities
  • Actively promote social inclusion, and widening participation
  • Encourage a sense of curiosity, fun and well being
  • Listen to and learn from our students and act upon their views


The College’s Equality and Diversity policy and our approach to the Single Equality Duty addresses the College’s legal duties and responsibilities to equality and diversity. The aim of the College Equality and Diversity policy is to eliminate and ideally prevent, all forms of unfair discrimination that might occur in the College.

The college will continuously strive to ..

  • Develop an awareness of equality and diversity issues amongst all staff, students, governors and visitors
  • Encourage the promotion of equality and celebration of diversity in all aspects of College life
  • Foster good relations between persons who share protected characteristics and persons who do not share them
  • Ensure that all members of the College community are valued equally
  • Eliminate discriminatory practices, ensuring equitable treatment within the College and responding promptly to any concerns regarding inequitable treatment
  • Eliminate all forms of harassment and victimisation
  • Monitor equality and diversity and deal with any concerns which arise
  • Comply with all general and specific duties set down by the public sector equality duty


Equality Data

Staff Equality And Diversity Monitoring Public Sector Equality Duty

In April 2011, we issued all staff on payroll with an equality and diversity monitoring form for completion.  Each year we always issue staff with a personal details form which covers some E&D aspects; however, in order to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty, this year we specifically issued a form asking staff to answer questions relating to the protected characteristics identified within the Equality Act 2010.

Ethnic Monitoring

94% of respondents have identified their ethnic origin as white, with 74% of these respondents identifying themselves as white British, 21% white English, 1% white Welsh, 1% white Scottish and 3% white other.

5% of respondents have identified themselves as either mixed heritage; Asian or Asian British or Chinese or other ethnic group.

1% of respondents preferred not to state their ethnic origin.

No respondents identified themselves from the ethnic group black or black British.

Disability Monitoring

Of the 145 respondents, 10% identified themselves as having a disability as defined by the Equality Act. 

7% of respondents preferred not to say regarding their disability or long term health condition.

Gender Monitoring

68% of respondents identified themselves as female.

30% of respondents identified themselves as male

2% of respondents preferred not to say regarding their gender

Religion or Belief Monitoring

46% of respondents identified themselves as Christian.

29% of respondents identified themselves as having no religion.

3% of respondents identified themselves as Muslim.

4% of respondents identified themselves as being of another religion or belief.  These were detailed as American Orthodox, Atheist, Catholic, Agnostic and Spiritualist.

1% of respondents identified themselves as Sikh

17% of respondents preferred not to say regarding their religion or belief.

Age Monitoring

The age profile of all respondents is detailed below.  For comparison purposes, the age distribution for September 2010 is also included.

Age Distribution for Whole College Staff – September 2011 (based on respondents)

Age Distribution for Whole College Staff – September 2011 (based on respondents)

Under 20 21 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 49 50 – 59 60 – 64 65+
1% 11% 20% 25% 28% 12% 3%


Age Distribution for Whole College Staff - September 2010

Under 20 21 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 49 50 – 59 60 – 64 65+
1% 8% 20% 24% 30% 12% 5%


Equality & Diversity Coordinator
Sue Churches

023 9234 4302

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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